Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Talented Teens

So these gals are my first "2" hires.  Well they're working on commission.  Maddie & Shannon.  They are older sisters of my daughters friends.  Paris, my daughter, was showing me Maddies pictures on facebook, and I was pretty impressed.  Just the whole art of her pictures.  Then she showed me Shannons pics.  It was interesting to me how someone so young had such an eye for epic shots.  So I thought how perfect it would be to have these girls take a few pics for my Etsy Shop, being thats what slows me down when it comes to uploading my items.  They came over & were receptive to experiment in the working world, they spent the day taking pics.  The idea was for them to edit the pics & upload them onto my Flickr Account, I would then upoad them onto my Etsy Shop, when an item sells, I would give them a percentage.  No, I didnt say they would be raking in the money, but its a great opportunity for them and me. Its a job still in progress.  But they did get around to uploading a few pics on my Flickr Site . Still waiting on some.  Hopefully for them, & me, some sales will be made, so they are encouraged to continue.  Who knows one of them can be the next Annie Leibovitz!!   I wished I had someone who believed in my talents when I was young, it would have saved me from going down a few wrong paths.      

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  1. Wow! Those girls are SUPER talented! I want an H necklace!!!! Your blog looks AMAZING! XO


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